Shamanic Rattle Gallery

Our shamanic rattle gallery will give you an idea of the kind of rattles we make.

Shamanic RattlesShamanic Rattles

Shaman's Rattle

Rattle, rattle, sacred shaker,
Scattering the radiance of light.
Shaker, shaker, life force maker,
Quickening the web of life.


Like our drums, all of our rattles are birthed in ceremony. The animals and trees are honoured and thanked for supplying our materials and we always ask permission before we make a rattle.

The rattle heads are made from raw hide and the handles are collected from our local woodland. We never take wood from live trees. Once we get the sticks home they're seasoned and then trimmed, sanded, waxed and polished.

Shamanic Rattles by CrowMoon Drums

Amanita Rattle

I love this little rattle. It's red deer hide on a pine handle. Amanita Muscaria, or Fly Agaric, are among my favourite mushrooms. 

As a child I was fascinated by them in story books and the first time I saw one in real life I couldn't believe it.

They don't grow in South Africa and I had assumed the were fictional.

Rattle With Leaf

This is a simple rattle with a red deer head and a waxed pine handle.

It's decorated with a small leaf carved from wood

Flame Rattle

This rattle is red deer cut in the shape of a flame and painted with a water based paint.

The handle is a forked pine stick found after a storm in our local woodland.

It was allowed to season for about six months then trimmed, sanded and waxed before being attached to the rattle head.

Rattle With Beads

This elegant little rattle has Scottish red deer head and a pine handle.

The hide was soaked with nettle, pine, mugwort and yew and the handle was polished with bees wax.

It's decorated with a soft leather thong and two carved tubular beads.

Rattle With Bells And Fur

This is a powerful little rattle made from red deer with a pine handle. 

It's decorated with grey and white rabbit fur, small hawk bells and Guinea fowl feathers.

Rattle With Fur

This is a red deer shamanic rattle with a waxed pine handle.

It's decorated with black rabbit fur.

Small Rattle

I decided not to decorate this little rattle as it has a big personality without the need to dress it up.

The rattle head is red deer from Scotland and the handle is silver birch.

I left the bark on this one as I managed to sand it smooth without damaging it and I think it gives it a little more interest.

Forked Handle Rattle

I really like the pine handle on this rattle so I decided to let it speak for itself and not add any other decoration. It was simply trimmed, sanded and waxed with wax from my sister and brother-in-law's bee hives.

The rattle head is Scottish red stag.

Rattle - Bell & Feathers

This is a large rattle is red deer on a pine handle.

It's decorated with macaw feathers from a friend's parrot and a large hawk bell.

Plain Rattle

I loved the pine handle on this rattle and felt that it needed no further decoration.

It had weathered to a really dark colour and I think it speaks for itself.

Rattle With Feathers

This is a small rattle with a big voice. 

It has a four sided head made from red deer. I'm not sure what the handle is on this one but it was foraged in our local woods.

It's decorated with Guinea fowl feathers.

Rattle With Beads

This rattle has a red deer head and a birch handle.

It's decorated with a soft leather thong with coloured wooden beads.

Rattle With Feather

This is another red deer on pine rattle.

It is decorated with the feather of a tawny owl that we found while walking on a local farmer's land (with permission).

Rattle With Fur And Bells

This lovely little rattle is also red deer on pine.

It's decorated with rabbit fur and a couple of small hawk bells.

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