16" Goat Hide Shamanic Drum With Small Tension Ring

Shamanic Drum Details

I want to call this the animal drum as I felt the spirit of so many animals coming in as I was working with her. I can sit and look at her for ages and see the faces of many animals. She seems to change on a daily basis.

Her skin is goat and her hoop is ash. Her skin was soaked with mugwort, rosemary and sage. Her hoop was sanded and waxed with wax from my brother-in-law's beehives.

I work in sacred space and do three days of ceremony with the goat hide and the ash hoop. I call in the directions, the elements, the energies of the plants and the sun and moon.

I journey to the spirit of the goat and the tree to honour them, thank them and ask for permission to make the drum. I also work to clear any trauma the animal and the tree may have suffered during their lifetime.

Your drum will be cleared in ceremony before being sent out to you so she will arrive with you ready to connect with your heartbeat.

You'll also receive a handmade felt drum beater stuffed with local sheeps' wool and instructions on how to care for your drum and how to connect with her.

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