16" Goat Hide Shamanic Drum With Flower Lacing And Small Tension Ring

14" Shamanic Drum With Citrine Crystal Lacing

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Shamanic Drum Details

This drum was birthed over two days as the lacing is quite complex.

On the second day I had just cut the cord and I noticed a 'mistake' in the lacing. I'm not sure mistake is the correct word as I'm pretty sure the drum wanted it to be this way.

Normally I notice little quirks as I'm working and will take the lacing back and remedy  it. The fact that I only noticed this after I'd birthed the drum makes me thing this is just the way she wanted to be laced.

However, I wanted to point this out as I want the new keeper to be 100% happy and not be receiving a drum with a little quirk they didn't notice before purchasing. Please check the marked photo of the lacing to see it.

Also please note on the front of this drum there is still a little of the goat's hair. I could have removed this but I quite like the reminder that our drums are living beings that hold the spirit of the animal who gave their hide to make them.

This drum's skin is goat and her hoop is ash. Her skin was soaked with mugwort, rosemary and sage. Her hoop was sanded and waxed with wax from my brother-in-law's beehives.

I work in sacred space and do three days of ceremony with the goat hide and the ash hoop. I call in the directions, the elements, the energies of the plants and the sun and moon.

I journey to the spirit of the goat and the tree to honour them, thank them and ask for permission to make the drum. I also work to clear any trauma the animal and the tree may have suffered during their lifetime.

Your drum will be cleared in ceremony before being sent out to you so she will arrive with you ready to connect with your heartbeat.

You'll also receive a handmade felt drum beater stuffed with local sheeps' wool and instructions on how to care for your drum and how to connect with her.

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