14" Red Deer Trinity Shamanic Drum


Shamanic Drum Details

This lovely little 14' red deer is ideal for the adventurous soul who loves to travel with their drum.

She's on a 14" oak frame that's only 2" deep so she's lightweight and easy to transport. Because of her smaller size and the tightness of the skin she does play a lot higher than most of the drums I make. That said, the energy feels very cosmic.

It was only after she dried and I picked her up for the first time that I realised that the trinity handle is actually more comfortable to hold in the right hand with the beater in the left.

You can still play well holding her in your left hand and beating with the right but if you're specifically looking for a left handed drum she might be the one for you.

I work in scared space and do three days of ceremony with the deer hide and the ash hoop. I call in the directions, the elements, the energies of the plants and the sun and moon.

I journey to the spirit of the deer and the tree to honour them, thank them and ask for permission to make the drum. I also work to clear any trauma the animal and the tree may have suffered during their lifetime.

Your drum will be cleared in ceremony before being sent out to you so it will arrive with you ready to connect with your heartbeat.

You'll also receive a handmade felt drum beater stuffed with local sheep's wool and instructions on how to care for your drum and how to connect with her.


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