Goat Skin Drum For Sale

How The Goat Skin Drum Was Made

This 16 inch goat skin drum was birthed in ceremony under the July 2021 New Moon.

The skin was soaked with nettle, mugwort and yew, three very powerful plants.

The hoop is made from sustainably sourced English ash. It's sanded and waxed using wax from my brother-in-law's bee hives before having the skin stretched over it.

The beater is made from pine gifted by a tree in our local woodland. I trim, sand, wax and polish the stick before attaching it to the beater head.

The head is hand stitched suede and is stuffed with Swiss Valais x Texel wool sourced from a local smallholder. Once stuffed it's attached to the stick using some of the same hide I used to lace the drum.

The exchange for this drum is 

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*Please contact us for delivery rates before purchasing if you are buying from overseas.

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