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My name is Karen and I'm a shamanic practitioner. 

My guides gave me my shamanic name, CrowMoon, in a journey during my practitioner course graduation ceremony.

This is the name I work under.

I trained with Stacy Keast whose courses are accredited by The IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.)

I'm fully insured.

Karen at Newark Well Being ShowKaren
©Sharon Fletcher

Long before I knew what shamanic practice was about I felt the pull to the healing arts. I began my journey by studying nursing and midwifery at Addington Hospital in Durban, South Africa.

After moving from South Africa to England I spent several years with an agency caring mainly for clients with diabetes. During this time I studied Usui Reiki and gained my level two attunements.

My passion lies in the healing power of shamanic drums and rattles. All of my drums and rattles are birthed in ceremony with love and care. 

I also run drum birthing workshops so you can make your own drum. If you sign up to our newsletter The Beat @ CrowMoon Drums we'll keep you up to date on upcoming workshops and events.


Annemarie drumming at the autumn equinoxAnnemarie

My name is Annemarie. I was born in South Africa, but now live in England.

I have always believed there to be more to life than what we are shown or taught. As a child growing up, I believed with all my heart, that I was born to this earth to make a difference, to help heal the world. Unfortunately I didn't know what, how or why, so I tried many different courses, including nursing, fashion designing, secretarial work etc. Nursing was the closest thing to 'healing' the world, one patient at a time, but it wasn't enough. I then moved to England to visit my best friend and ended up staying here.

Finally, after many years, after my brother told me I should be a Reiki Healer (I didn't know what it was at the time) because I had magical hands, that I decided to find out more and got my Reiki Master. I still felt like something was missing and did an Animal Communication course.

This came about after I watched a beautiful video about a South African animal communicator, called Anna Breytenbach, who was called into a Big Cats Rescue, to talk with a black panther, called Diablo (Spanish for the devil), who was very miserable and acting out.

I was absolutely overwhelmed with emotion and in awe about how she healed him, and changed his life, because of her communication with him. He was unhappy with his name, and wanted to be called Spirit etc. It moved me so much.

This AC workshop is where I was introduced to the shamanic drum, as my teacher was also a Shamanic practitioner.

I was fascinated with her ceremony and needed to know more. I was always intrigued and interested in Native Americans and other indigenous cultures.

When I moved from Lincoln to Gainsborough in 2016, the first thing I did was Google Shamanism and or Shamanic practitioners. I came across my mentor, and realised she only lived a mile away from me. I joined her introduction course and wanted to do the Practitioner course but felt I couldn't afford it and had lots of other excuses.

Then in May 2018, I was rushed into hospital in excruciating pain. I was admitted there because they found an anomaly in my breast and breastbone. They ran lots of tests, I was prodded and poked, and they finally diagnosed me with Stage 4 Metastatic cancer of the breast and the bone, with several tumours in my spine and sternum.

They also suspected Spinal compression and I was laid flat on my back for quite some time. My prognosis was I had about 6 months to live. I stayed in hospital for 5 weeks. When I was released I could hardly walk, and had to have physio, wear a brace around my torso as well as my right hand, as I lost most of the use of it, due to nerve damage, caused by the pressure of the tumours on my spine. It was very difficult trying to adjust to life again.

Most of my friends were preparing themselves for the worst and wanted to visit me all the time. I was never as popular as I was when I was in hospital and then just after I came out. I was very touched by the support I got, from my friends and family, especially my friend Karen. I would've been lost if it hadn't been for her.

This was the wake up call I needed, thinking life is short, so I signed up for my shamanic training.

I've haven't looked back since and did two years. This I believe is where the healing started and 4 and a half years later, I'm still here, living a reasonably good life, and even though I'm not in remission, at least it's not progressing.

When Karen asked me if I wanted to jump on board and help her out with CrowMoon Drums I agreed. We combine the healing of the shamanic drum with the healing of Shamanic practice and our aim is to help people to feel better with the shamanic vibration.


My name is Jennifer. I am a qualified, Advanced Shamanic Practitioner, a holistic, aromatherapy massage therapist and a Registered nurse of 38 years working as an Advanced nurse practitioner in General Practice.

I have been training in shamanic work for three and a half years and initially undertook my first two years instruction in Shamanic practice to become a Shamanic practitioner and advanced Shamanic practitioner with ‘Stacy Keast Shamanic healing’ Stacy is a beautiful soul, an earth keeper, a universal worker and a warrior and holds the ‘mother’ energy. She trained with Tuvan Siberian and Peruvian Shipibo Shamans and now passes these beautiful teachings onto others.

Jennie from WolfMoon HealingsJennie
©R Dollman

All of Stacy’s courses are certificated, supported and fully endorsed by the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)

My shamanic path is ongoing and I am currently learning in more depth and detail the wonderful world of shamanism and animism with Paul Francis at the Three Ravens college of Therapeutic Shamanism.

My skills as a massage therapist were gained over 20 years ago when I undertook an intense course in gentle release massage, aromatherapy and the use of essential oils with Barnfield college in Bedfordshire. I have continued to use these skills on a part time basis and have recently completed an aromatherapy refresher course.

I have in addition worked for the past 38 years as a nurse for the NHS and work as an Advanced nurse practitioner in General practice.

I work as a shamanic healer as WolfMoon Healing.

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